Work Packages & Deliverables

Read our official project deliverables and explore our project findings

Deliverables are the outputs that are produced during the lifetime of an EU funded project and detail the results of the project activities. 

smartCARE public deliverables will be published in this section as they are available.  The project is divided into five Work Packages, each led by different members of our consortium: 

  • Work Package 1  – Coordination, Recommendations & Sustainability

This Work Package will lead the alignment of all consortium activities with the project goals and consistency across all Work Packages and convey a sustainability Plan for the app.

Leader: European Cancer Organisation (ECO)

  • Work Package 2 – Users needs

This Work Package will achieve the fullest understanding of the range of survivor, caregiver & healthcare professionals’ needs associated with the development of the smartCARE app.

Leader: European Cancer Organisation (ECO)

  • Work Package 3 – Co-creation & Piloting

Work Package 3 will collaborate with the third-party App developer to co-create an interoperable Smart Card solution usable across a variety of healthcare infrastructures and readily available to survivors, their families and other end users.

Leader: The International Clinical Research Center of St. Anne's University Hospital in Brno (FNUSA-ICRC) 

  • Work Package 4 – Evaluation

This Work Package will ensure the quality of the project design & outputs by continual monitoring and review actions. 

Leader: PanCare

  • Work Package 5 – Communication

Work Package 5 will maximise project visibility and promote project results through the dissemination and exploitation of communication activities. 

Leader: SIOP Europe (SIOP-E) 

Please see the links below for more information on each Work Package.

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