INTERACT-EUROPE 100, Work Package 3 - Programme Delivery




The primary objectives of Work Package 3 include establishing a network of central and local facilities to support the programme's delivery, especially through training sessions and trainee engagement at cancer centres. Additionally, Work Package 3 aims to adapt and deliver the inter-specialty cancer training programme in Ukraine, catering to the specific needs of the region.



Work Package 3 unfolds through a series of tasks strategically designed to ensure successful programme delivery and support:

T3.1 – Support pioneer cohort to completion:

The pioneer cohort will serve as ambassadors, offering valuable feedback to improve the programme. A protocol will be established to transfer completed curriculum elements into the online learning environment.

T3.2 – Delivery of Train-the-Trainers support:

Train-the-Trainers sessions will prepare local trainers and nominate trainee trainers from up to 100 cancer centres. Super Trainers will guide sessions focusing on programme objectives and content.

T3.3 – Welcoming and familiarisation of cohort 2 trainees (virtual):

Online 'welcome sessions' and a training guide will familiarize new trainees with programme requirements and support systems.

T3.4 – Central and local support systems:

Ongoing support systems will be implemented, with leading cancer centres providing local support. WP3 task leader and WP2 will collaborate to ensure effective learning environment functionalities.

T3.5 – Course completion assurance and certification provision:

Clear expectations and requirements for course completion will be established, and a system for monitoring progress will be implemented, including CME credits.

T3.6 – Report on programme delivery:

A comprehensive report will be compiled, incorporating input from Work Package and Task leaders and participants, and recommendations for the next steps.

T3.7 – Course delivery guide:

In collaboration with Work Package 2, a dynamic electronic PDF guide will be created and regularly updated to provide essential information for cancer centres to complete the training programme.

T3.8 – Adaptation and delivery of inter-specialty cancer training programme for Ukraine:

This task involves adapting the curriculum for the Ukrainian context, promoting the programme, engaging listeners, and receiving feedback for continual improvement.

The project's commitment to delivering quality training and addressing regional needs is evident in the structured approach outlined in these objectives and tasks.



D3.1 – Adaption of inter-specialty cancer training programme for Ukraine (online and for displaced healthcare professionals)

D3.2 – Delivery of inter-specialty cancer training programme for Ukraine (online and for displaced healthcare professionals)

D3.3 – Report on programme delivery

D3.4 – Course delivery guide

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