Waldemar Jakunin

Coordination of Workforce and Productivity Management, Audi Brussels


Waldemar Jakunin is Chair of the smartCARE Advisory Board. 

In 2017, he earned a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from FAU Erlangen, in Germany, with a specialisation in International Production Engineering and Management. After his graduation, he moved to Brussels, Belgium, to join Audi. There, he advanced through roles in Industrial Engineering and Operational Management for Body Shop production before securing his current position: Coordination of Workforce & Productivity Management.

In 2021, Waldemar was diagnosed with a rare cancer disease, and its recurrence in November 2022 prompted a temporary halt in his professional pursuits. Addressing this challenge, he joined hands with the European Cancer Organisation and made initial contributions to the smartCARE project via the patient-led workshops. Currently, Waldemar is engaged in a clinical study in Paris to address the resurgence of his condition.