Umberto Malapelle

Umberto Malapelle

Prof. Umberto Malapelle
Department of Public Health, University Federico II of Naples, Italy

Associate Professor in School of Medicine, University of Naples Federico II.

Currently is the Chair of Predictive Molecular Pathology Laboratory, Department of Public Health of University Federico II of Naples and serves as Scientific Secretary of the International Society of Liquid Biopsy and Editor in Chief of The Journal of Liquid Biopsy.

His main research interest is in the field of genomic biomarkers validation and testing for predictive information in the field of lung cancer, metastatic colorectal cancer, melanoma and gastrointestinal stromal tumor.

Moreover, he has developed skills in tailoring Next Generation Assays for several different applications with a special focus on the simultaneously detection of clinically relevant alterations (i.e., EGFR mutations, ALK traslocation, PD–L1 expression) in the routine setting including handling of different sample types, such as tissues and/or liquid biopsy specimens.


Updated: May 2024