Ruud Pijnappel

R.Pijnappel 210210





Vice President, EUSOBI


Ruud Pijnappel, MD, PhD is professor of Breast Radiology at University Medical Centre Utrecht; Utrecht University, The Netherlands and CEO at the Dutch Expert Center for Screening (LRCB) .

He received his medical training at the University of Amsterdam. His special interest in Breast imaging and intervention was developed during a fellowship at University of Utrecht where he received his PhD in 2002 on the subject ‘The diagnosis of nonpalpable breast lesions'.

Since 1996 Prof. Pijnappel main clinical and research interests include breast imaging, screening and intervention. Working with and teaching residents and fellow's the details of breast cancer screening and assessment in a multidisciplinary setting serves his particular interests.

Prof. Pijnappel also serves as a member of the advisory board of Government for the Dutch National Screening Program for Breast Cancer. He is past president of the Dutch College of Breast Imaging (DCBI) and since 2020 Vice President of the EUSOBI.


Updated: July 2021