Philip Poortmans

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Past-President of the European Cancer Organisation


After a short stay in Turnhout, Belgium, Prof Poortmans started working as a radiation oncologist in Tilburg in 1991, were he would stay for 23 years. From August 2014 to February 2017, he was head of the radiation oncology department of the Radboud university medical centre in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Between March 1, 2017 and end of November 2019, he was Head of the Radiation Oncology Department of Institut Curie, Paris - St. Cloud - Orsay, France. Since November 7, 2017 Prof Poortmans is Marie Curie Professor of the Paris Science & Lettres University & Institut Curie. In April 2020 he started a part-time medical advisory function for Sordina IORT Technologies spa. In July 2020, he started as Radiation Oncologist at Iridium Kankernetwerk, with an affiliation with the University of Antwerp, Belgium.

For the “scientific output”, Prof Poortmans refers to PubMed ( Apart from these articles, he wrote a number of other papers and contributed actively to several book chapters.


Updated: July 2020