Patrick Howard


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Penile Cancer Survivor

Patrick’s background in corporate sales and leadership did little to prepare him for a trio of cancers.  Starting with prostate cancer, followed by a rare and virulent penile cancer then rounded off with kidney cancer.

This unwanted journey has made him realise that the impact of these rarely discussed male cancers and HPV goes far beyond that of the men themselves but extends to their partners, family and colleagues equally.  He is passionate that these diseases become part of the world's conversation and that all GP’s should have the appropriate training to identify penile and testicular cancer at the earliest opportunity to ensure quicker treatment and hence, many more positive outcomes.

Patrick’s unique experience and perspective, gained from multiple treatments combined with twenty years of public speaking can motivate people and organisations to engage in the challenge of making a lasting and positive change.

He is currently well, living with his wife off Penny Lane in Liverpool and enjoying life to the fullest possible extent.


Updated: September 2022