Nikolina Dodlek

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Board Member, European Cancer Organisation
Board Member, European Oncology Nursing Society

Nikolina is a cancer nurse since 2010, working as Unit manager at the Department for Oncology,  University Hospital Centre Osijek, Croatia.

She works  at the J.J.Strossmayer University of  Osijek, Croatia, as a teaching assistant and mentors nursing students at Cathedra for Nursing and Palliative Care.

She  earned Master’s diploma in Nursing science 2017 and is currently   a 2nd year PhD student at Cyprus University of Technology at the Department for Nursing, where she is also enrolled in lecturing students of Graduate and Undergraduate Nursing programmes in the fields of Oncology Care, Surgical Care and Palliative Care.

In 2020, in collaboration and with the support of Croatian Oncology Nursing Society, she established a Young Cancer Nurses Network in Croatia and started education for young cancer nurses, admitted and approved by Croatian Nursing Council. She is one of the Chairs of the Croatian Young Cancer Nurses network, and co-founder, Board member and secretary of the Croatian Oncology Nursing Society.

She works closely with the Croatian Nursing Council, Universities, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and National Society on Cancer Nursing specialisation programmes in Croatia serving as one of main authors of developing and implementing a Curriculum for Oncology and Palliative Care specialisation in Nursing.

She is an EONS Executive Board Member,  represents EONS on the ECO Quality Cancer Care Focused Topic Network  and serves as a member of the ECO Young Cancer Professessional  Steering Committee. In 2022 she  received the EONS ReCan award for outstanding contributions in the field of Cancer Care.

Acting as a project lead of the EONS NURTURE project, she is  involved in several research and policy projects on a national and international level (INTERACT EUROPE, PrEvCan etc.) She has co-authored  ESMO Patient Guides and also a Guide for breast cancer patients in Croatia. Nikolina is a reviewer for the Journal Seminars in Oncology Nursing.

Nikolina is a member of several national and international societies, associations and patient organisations. She is passionate about advocating, research, equity, teamwork, education, as well as  bedside care. Her research field, projects and publications include education, digital technology and supportive care in cancer.

Nikolina Dodlek, PhDc
European Oncology Nursing Society Board Member
EONS Chair of YCN and CWG Groups
European Cancer Organisation Board of Directors Member
ECO Young Cancer Professionals Steering Committee Member
CONS Secretary, Co-founder and Board Member


Updated: January 2024