Milka Sokolović

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Director General, European Public Health Alliance (EPHA)


Dr Milka Sokolović holds a degree in Biology from the University of Belgrade, and a PhD in Medicine from the University of Amsterdam.

She started her career in Belgrade’s IMGGE, in the field of human molecular genetics. The majority of her 15 academic years, however, took place at the University of Amsterdam, where she studied intermediary metabolism of starvation and obesity, and taught curses like medical biochemistry, DNA technology, metabolism, and genomics to (under)graduate medical students.

The road then took her to Brussels, to EUFIC, where for eight years she led the Department of Food & Health Science, translating the complexity of science into “human” language, to help people make sense and use of it.

Currently, Milka acts as a Director General of EPHA, the European Public Health Alliance, supporting their relentless work to improve public health, and strengthen people’s voices in the policy debates.


Updated: August 2021