Jurgen Lemiere

Assistant Professor at KULeuven, Belgium


Jurgen is a pediatric psychologist and behavioral therapist at UZ Leuven, Belgium. He is involved in several teaching activities in the following domains: pediatric (neuro)psychology, communication skills, evidence-based psychological work and psychopathology of children and adolescents, both at KULeuven and VUB.

His main research focus is on the psychosocial and neuropsychological functioning of children confronted with different pediatric conditions (congenital heart disease, pediatric neurology, pediatric anesthesia, pediatric oncology). He is internationally involved in several psychosocial and neuropsychological working groups and initiatives related to the field of pediatric oncology. He co-chaired the Quality of Survival group of the SIOP-E brain tumor group. Currently, he is member of two steering groups: Pediatric Psychology Oncology of SIOP and Psychosocial Group of SIOP-E. He is actively involved in several guideline groups (mental health and neuropsychology in pediatric oncology) and is chair of the Cancer and the Brain focus group of the Leuven Cancer Institute. Since 2020 he is the scientific lead of the Little NIRVANA project. The aim of this project is to develop and implement an innovative holistic, interactive, multi-sensory pain and distress management solution to support children during medical procedures.