Janez Poklukar


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Minister of Health, Slovenia


Janez Poklukar graduated with a degree in medical studies at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ljubljana and was employed with the Jesenice General Hospital. In early 2013, he was appointed Head of Department of Internal Medicine, where he was responsible for the organisational, expert and business management of the department. In 2014 he became Acting Director and later Director of Jesenice General Hospital, which he successfully managed until July 2019 and during that period also completed its renovation. In August 2019, he took over the management of the University Clinical Centre Ljubljana, the major health institution in the region and the country, where he was faced with both the difficult financial situation of the hospital and renovation process, as well as the challenges arising from the spreading SARS CoV-2 epidemic (COVID- 19). Under his leadership, the hospital successfully tackled all difficult conditions with good organisation, cooperation and knowledge of the issues, and also managed to provide effective treatment and care for patients. Within ten days, the management team completed the renovation of the premises, which had been an ongoing process for 12 years, and got the facilities working again at the most critical moment. In his work, Janez Poklukar set high standards and demonstrated high managerial and professional competences, as well as excellent knowledge of the Slovenian health care system and all its strengths and weaknesses. He took office as Minister of Health on 23 February 2021.


Updated: May 2021