George Valiotis

Valiotis 210





Executive Director, European Health Management Association (EHMA)

George is the Executive Director of EHMA. He represents the voice of health management to many European and international bodies including the European Parliament, the European Commission, the World Health Organisation, Industry bodies, and community groups. He has an active role in all of EHMA's projects by providing high level advice on health management matters. He Chairs EHMA's webinar series, guides the coordination of the annual conference, and executive training programmes. George has worked in executive roles specializing in health management, policy, research, systems thinking, human rights, education and training.

Before joining EHMA, he was the Chief Executive Officer of a Scottish policy agency focusing on blood borne viruses and sexual infections. He has managed multiple strategic policy and education collaborations with diverse stakeholders. Earlier he was an education specialist for the International AIDS Society, developing global initiatives for pre and post-doctoral researchers in prevention, clinical and biomedical research. He also served on the Board of Diabetes Australia and as an Advisor on its Medical Education and Science Council. In these roles he helped govern the National Diabetes Services Scheme which was a €550 million government contract to supply medical products, education, and services. He was also engaged as a consultant on various projects including: as the Principal Strategic Advisory to the Commissioner for Children and Young People (Scotland), and; as an associate on biomedical citizen projects with the Medical School of the University of Edinburgh.


Updated: August 2022