Eva Kondorosi

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Member, Group of Scientific Advisors, European Commission

Eva Kondorosi is a molecular biologist and research director at the Biological Research Centre in Hungary. She is member of the Group of Chief Scientific Advisors of the European Commission, the lead advisor on cancer screening recommendations and the chair of Life Sciences at Academia Europaea. She was Vice President and Life Science domain coordinator of the European Research Council, and member of the UN Secretary General’s Scientific Advisory Board.

She has been a founding member and science director of the CNRS Institute of Plant Sciences (Institut des Sciences Végétales), and the founding director of the BAYGEN Institute (Hungary). She is a member of the National Academy of Sciences (USA), Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Academia Europaea, Leopoldina, French Agricultural Academy and European Academy of Microbiology. She received several prestigious awards including the Balzan Prize, the Széchenyi Prize and the Prima Primissima prize.

Updated: October 2022