Carolina Espina

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Scientist, Section of Environment and Radiation, The International Agency for Research on Cancer


Dr Carolina Espina is a staff scientist working in the Environment and Lifestyle Epidemiology Branch, at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC/WHO), the specialized cancer agency of the World Health Organisation, located in Lyon, France. She is currently the Scientific Secretariat of the consortium Cancer Prevention Europe, leading a variety of cancer prevention projects and dissemination research. She has coordinated the update of the European Code against Cancer 4th edition, an evidence-based tool for primary and secondary prevention of cancer that is now being scaled-up to other regions of the world, starting with Latin American and the Caribbean. She previously worked at the Pan-American Health Organization in Peru and at WHO-HQ in Geneva. She holds a PhD in Molecular Biology of cancer and a Masters in Public Health.


Updated: May 2021