Aron Anderson

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Cancer Ambassador, WHO/Europe


Aron Anderson is a professional adventurer and a much-appreciated motivational and inspirational speaker. He’s taken on challenges that most people wouldn’t even dream of, and participated in adventures that require exceptional strength, both physically and mentally. His amazing feats inspire others to realize their potentials – whatever the difficulties.

As the first person in a wheelchair, Aron has climbed the Kebnekaise and the Kilimanjaro, he’s swum 37 kilometers across the Sea of Åland, arm-biked from Malmö to Paris and skied 300 kilometers across Antarctica to the South Pole – among many other things! His unique experience has taught him the importance of a strong team spirit and a positive mental attitude. And that it’s not always the goal that matters the most – the trick is to be able to enjoy the journey there.


Updated: May 2021