Lydie Meheus

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Managing Director, Anticancer Fund


Lydie Meheus is Managing Director of the Anticancer Fund (ACF), a Belgian Research Foundation of Public Utility with an international scope, dedicated to the development of cancer treatments regardless of their commercial value.

Lydie co-founded the Anticancer Fund in 2013 with entrepreneur and major funder Luc Verelst, after leading an alike Swiss organisation, Reliable Cancer Therapies, also initiated in 2009 by Luc Verelst. Lydie is still Executive Director of Reliable Cancer Therapies, today the collaborating partner of ACF for projects outside Europe.

Lydie is a breast cancer patient, diagnosed in 2018 and successfully treated since then.

In 2019, Lydie was appointed by the European Commission as alternate to represent patients for 3 years in the Committee for Advanced Therapies (CAT) one of the seven committees at the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Lydie is also member of the Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board of OvaCure, a Danish non-profit organisation that supports research for breakthrough treatments in ovarian cancer.

She has published many international peer review manuscripts, lately on drug repurposing in cancer therapies.

She obtained a PhD in Sciences at the University of Ghent (1986). She worked at Innogenetics (1987-2004) and as VP R&D at GENimmune (2005-2008), both Belgian biopharmaceutical companies.


Updated: October 2020