Cris Scotter

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Human Resources for Health Policy Advisor, World Health Organization

Cris Scotter is the current Policy Advisor for Human Resources for Health at the WHO Regional Office for Europe.  Cris is leading work on ‘Backcasting’ planning techniques for member states, enabling better governance and improving HRH planning functionality in European member states. An experienced HRH professional Cris has worked with member states across Europe and the Americas supporting HRH capacity and capability building activities. Cris was the former Head of Strategic Supply at the UK’s Department of Health (now DHSC) and was responsible for multiple programmes, from the procurement of IT solutions for the NHS in England and NHS Wales, managing the activities of the CfWI and Skills for Care, managing all cross boarder HRH policy advice and activity.  Cris has worked on multiple EU joint actions on HRH enablement and is currently leading the WHO contribution to the EU’s current HEROS JA on workforce planning.

Updated: October 2023