Christof Kastner

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Consultant Urologist & Clinical Director for Outpatients, Cambridge University Hospitals

Christof Kastner delivers prostate cancer care in Cambridgeshire with a population of 500.000 as part of a large integrated practice group of diverse specialists associated to prostate cancer care.

He lead this team for a good part of the last decade and established Cambridge as the first centre in the UK with early prostate cancer precision diagnostics, including MRI and fusion technologies using integrated care and quality management processes. The publications documenting these processes have contributed to the shaping of new international guidelines.

For the past four years he has also lead the Cambridge University Hospitals Outpatients department, delivering 750.000 consultations per year and he was instrumental to establish a safe practice of working and operations during the pandemic which became exemplar for other hospital providers in the UK.

Christof Kastner was born in Aachen, where he also graduated in  medicine and obtained his PhD, before continuing his training in the UK and various London university hospitals. He undertook studies in health management and business at, amongst others, the Judge Business School, Cambridge.

Updated: October 2023