Ivana Dragojevic

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Vice-President and Treasurer, European Liver Patients' Association (ELPA)

Ivana Dragojević is a graduate graphic artist from Belgrade. She is a former HCV patient and currently Vice President, Treasurer, and Leader of the Working Group on prevention at the European Liver Patients’ Association - ELPA. In her country, she has been the President of the Association for Liver Diseases Hronos, the Serbian ELPA member, since 2014. she is also part, as a patient representative, of the commission for approval of drugs for HCV in the Republic Insurance Fund of Serbia and a member of the board of the umbrella patient association UPS-Serbia. At the international level, she is co-chair of the ACHIEVE coalition, a member of the Patient Advisory Committee of the European Cancer Organisation and ELPA's representative at the Viral Hepatitis Prevention Board. She is also a former World Health Assembly board member for the EU Region.

Updated: September 2023