Nikolina Dodlek

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Executive Board Member Young Cancer Nurse, EONS

Nikolina is MSn cancer nurse from 2010. She works as a lead nurse and shift manager of the subdepartment for oncology and radiotherapy in University Hospital Center Osijek, in inpatient Unit with adult patients ongoing chemo, immuno and radiation therapy, as well as acute oncology and end of life care.

From 2015, she is working also at the J.J.Strossmayer University of  Osijek, Croatia, as a teaching assistant and mentoring nursing students on cathedra for nursing and palliative care. During this period she got her bachelor degree in nursing and also in 2017 she got her Master’s diploma in Nursing science. Currently she is a PhD student at Cyprus University of Oncology at the Department for Nursing.

She is a Secretary, Co-founder and Executive Board Member of Croatian Oncology Nursing Society. She is also EONS and ESMO member.

During the 2020, in collaboration and with the support of National Society, she established a Young Cancer Nurses Network in Croatia, and started education for young cancer nurses, admitted and approved by Croatian Nursing Council.

In December 2020, she has been elected as EONS YCN Co-Chair. In May 2021. she has been elected as EONS Executive Board Member Young Cancer Nurse, and also representing EONS in ECO on Quality of Cancer Care and IST4HEALTH Interact EU project contributing to several work packages as well as PrEvCan project.

She is passionate about oncology nursing, evidence based clinical practice, student mentoring, nursing and patient education, research, alongside with direct patient care. 

Updated: October 2022