Tristan Almada

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Co-Founder, HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation and
the Noman is an Island: Race to End HPV Campaign


Tristan Almada lost his mother Paulette in 2010 to Stage IV HPV-related anal cancer. Weeks later, he co-founded the HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation, and the NOMAN is an Island: Race to End HPV campaign with his two sisters. Tristan believes HPV – the causal agent of 5% of all cancers – can be completely eradicated within our lifetime, similar to other infectious diseases controlled by universal vaccination, such as polio and smallpox. Tristan is a macroeconomic investor, specializing in energy markets at Trafigura. He received a Physics degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2007. Tristan competes in multi-day endurance events to raise awareness about HPV and its connection to male cancer.


Updated: August 2020