Rebecca Fitzgerald

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Co-Chair of SAPEA Project, Professor of Cancer Prevention, and Director of the Early Detection Institute, University of Cambridge

Rebecca Fitzgerald OBE MACantab MD FMedSci EMBO is Professor of Cancer Prevention and Director of the Early Detection Institute at the University of Cambridge and practices medicine as Hon. Consultant in Gastroenterology and Cancer Medicine at Addenbrooke's Hospital. Rebecca also leads the Cambridge component of the CRUK International Alliance in Early Detection (ACED).

The focus of her research is to investigate the steps in malignant transformation in the oesophagus and stomach and to use this information to improve clinical early detection strategies. Her work to develop and implement the Cytosponge and related biomarker assays for detection of Barrett's oesophagus and associated dysplasia has been awarded a number of prizes including the Westminster Medal, an NHS Innovation prize and the Don Listwin Early Detection Prize.

Rebecca has contributed to evidence reviews and policy work around screening including for the Department of Health in the UK and recently for the European Commission. Rebecca enjoys teaching and is a Fellow of Medical Sciences at Trinity College Cambridge.


Updated: September 2022