Luzia Travado

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President-Emeritus, International Psycho-Oncology Society (IPOS) and Clinician & Researcher of Psycho-oncology, Champalimaud Foundation, Lisbon, PORTUGAL


Luzia Travado, PhD, MSc, ClinPsych, is clinical health psychologist specialized in Psycho-oncology. She is clinician and researcher  of Psycho-Oncology  at  the Champalimaud Clinical Centre, Champalimaud Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal (2011-). She has a career of more than 35 yrs initiated at Hospital  S.  José - Central  Lisbon  Hospital  Centre, where she was Chief of Clinical Psychology and has pioneered health psychology by developing psychosocial programs for clinical populations with chronic conditions including cancer (1985-2012).

She  served  as Adviser for the National Coordinator for Oncological Diseases in Portugal (2007-2011), contributed for the Nat’l Cancer Control Program, the Cancer Roundtable of the Portuguese EU Presidency (2007), and conducted a National Pilot Communication Skills Training Program for Oncologists; she represented Portugal at the European  Partnership  on  Action  Against  Cancer (EPAAC, 2009-2014), and led the Psychosocial Oncology Action under this partnership. She has been actively participating since then in various European initiatives, conferences and projects regarding improvement of European cancer policies, profiling psycho-oncology and recommendations for the inclusion of psychosocial care in patients’ treatment to improve their outcomes (e.g., EPAAC, CANCON, European Commission Initiative on Breast Cancer (ECIBC), European Guide for Quality National Cancer Control Programs, among others).

Served  as  President  of the International  Psycho-Oncology  Society (IPOS:  2014-2017), currently  President-Emeritus  and  was  Chair  of  the  IPOS  World  Congress  of  Psycho-Oncology  held  in Lisbon 2014. Founder and former president of the Viva Mulher Viva Association on breast cancer. She was cover story at Cancer World in the Nov-Dec 2011 issue. Member of the ESO Core Faculty team, and  ESMO-Preceptorship programmes,  she  teaches  psycho-oncology  and  communication skills. As a  researcher  she has been PI and also participating  in various European (H2020 and other) and  Int’l funded  projects, as well as national  funded  ones. She has many scientific papers published in Int’l peer-review journals and book-chapters, having served as Specialty-editor for The Breast and Editorial Board member and reviewer for various scientific journals.


Updated: July 2021