Plamena Nikolova

Plamena Nikolova has extended experience in the NGO sector in Bulgaria, mainly in the field of civil participation, advocacy, education and childcare. She worked for the Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe, TimeHeroes Foundation and was part of the program of Teach for All Foundation, Bulgaria.

She joined the National Network for Children in September 2014. In the Network, she is responsible for shaping the priorities in policies for children and active advocacy and cooperation with national institutions, politicians, experts and other NGO partners. She is also leading the  development of the annual monitoring report of the Network – Report Card, which is monitoring the care and wellbeing of children and families which the state is providing. Plamena is working in close relation with the European partnerships of the Network and especially with the European child network Eurochild. She is also involved in various projects and campaigns of the Network. She is part of the board of the Parents Association in Bulgaria.


Updated: May 2023