Jennie Jackson

Jennie is a nurse who has specialised in cancer care in general and haematology specifically.  However, in the last six years, she has shifted her focus from clinical care to devoting her time to the Regional Cancer Centre (RCC) Stockholm Gotland. RCC is one of six regional centres in Sweden serving as a knowledge hub around all cancer related matters. The work is directed by the Swedish government following the National Cancer Strategy, and ranges from primary cancer prevention to survivorship and palliative care. With empirical evidence pointing to increasing incidence of cancer, RCC have been assigned (in collaboration with other stakeholders) to take stronger actions towards cancer prevention.

Jennie is involved in many different projects and work groups related to all parts of the cancer trajectory. Since 2020 she has been the project manager for Levla, an initiative to educate and inspire school professionals and children about healthy lifestyle choices related to cancer prevention. Within this initiative, the RCC offers a nationwide online course for school nurses where one module is devoted to HPV. This module addresses several HPV related topics, including vaccine hesitation. Swedish school nurses play a pivotal role in promoting healthy habits and they are also responsible for executing the HPV vaccination programme for boys and girls in 5th grade.

Jennie is also a member of the Regional work group dedicated to the European campaign PrEvCan and a member of the National work group for Cancer prevention.


Updated: May 2023