Anastassia Negrouk

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Chief Operating Officer, MyData-Trust

Anastassia is a certified DPO (@Solvay), COO at MyData-Trust, specialised in GDPR compliance in life sciences with almost 20 years of experience in clinical cancer research, she has been closely following the development and implementation of EU directives and regulations relevant to clinical research, such as data protection regulation, clinical trials regulation, in-vitro medical device regulation, etc.

She is regularly monitoring, analysing and publishing on potential impact of these regulations on life science sector, with a specific interest in international clinical research.  This deep knowledge of legislation and clinical research realities can also support negotiation of contracts and set-up of partnerships, thus another field of Anastassia's expertise that can support set-up of collaborations in the scope of international, including transatlantic, clinical trials, large EU consortiums (e.g. in the scope of EU funded projects) and patient involvement initiatives.  Excellent speaker, Anastassia is frequently taking part in international meetings and conferences in the domain. 

Anastassia Negrouk is holding master's degree in Biology, she specialised during 5 years in cellular biology and biochemistry working in a university research laboratory focusing on cancer research and thereafter joint EORTC in 2000 to specialise in regulatory affairs and policy. After almost 20 years at EORTC from which three years as DPO, Anastassia joined MyData-Trust to bring her expertise to the service at the service of organisations active in life science. 

Updated: November 2020