European Cancer Organisation Response to European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control: Reinforced Mandate

07 June 2021

The European Cancer Organisation supports the Commission’s proposal to reinforce the mandate of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

During the COVID-19 pandemic the Agency has proved the value of its role in areas such as rapid information collection and sharing, guidance and advice. The near real time sharing of such data has been especially commendable and should serve as exemplar for other EU data initiatives in the field of health.

ECDC has provided meaningful support to countries in the shared ambition of eliminating HPV associated cancers as a public health problem via their monitoring and guidance functions and this should be built upon. A clearer role for the ECDC in helping countries to protect at risk groups during pandemics, such as cancer patients, is encouraged.

We urge the legal proposal updating the ECDC mandate include wording to better enable the Agency to conduct activity in areas related to non communicable disease.

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