Marzia Zambon

Zambon 210210





Executive Director, EUROPA DONNA


Marzia Zambon is the Executive Director of EUROPA DONNA - The European Breast Cancer Coalition. 

She manages Europa Donna’s involvement in research projects and advocates at meetings and information sessions at the European Parliament and is actively involved in projects with the European Commission.   

As a growing body of evidence shows the link between healthy choices and a lower risk of developing breast cancer, EUROPA DONNA established “Breast Health Day” on 15 October 2008. The programme aims to inform women of all ages that lifestyle factors play an important role in the prevention and recurrence of breast cancer as well as the importance of the role of early detection of breast cancer.

In the summer of 2020, shortly after the outbreak of the Covid 19 Pandemic in Europe, Marzia conducted a survey across ED’s 47 member countries to assess the state of breast services in Europe from the patients’ perspective.  She oversaw Europa Donna’s transition to online platforms to carry out the Coalition’s work and has implemented monthly online roundtables to secure regular interaction and support to all Europa Donna national organisations.


Updated: May 2021