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EU Funding Opportunities Assessment Process:

The European Cancer Organisation (ECO) reviews and considers EU Funding Opportunities in two main ways:

  1. Reviewing published calls for their potential interest for the organisation, its Member Societies, Patient Advocacy groups, Focused Topic Networks and in accordance with its Mission.

  2. Being approached by emerging consortia to participate within bids being prepared

The following provides a short outline of the procedure that is followed in relation to the latter.

Governance principles

A member of the ECO Executive Committee is assigned with the role of ‘EU funding liaison’ to assist the President and ECO staff team with timely decision-making, as well as review and advice on applications being prepared.

Supporting the EU funding liaison, the ECO Executive Committee conducts a decision-making role as notified and requested, with input requested from the full ECO Board where possible in terms of deadlines and with the ECO Board being kept fully informed.

Approaches from consortia to participate in emerging bids

On receipt of an invitation to participate in a consortium led by another organisation, a standard form should be completed by the organisation inviting ECO and the EU funding liaison should be notified and asked for opinion.

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The President and EU funding liaison are supported with all relevant information, and any relevant advice from the ECO staff team.

The President and EU funding liaison may recommend to the Executive Committee variously, that:

  • ECO should not join the consortium
  • More information is required before reaching determination
  • Relevant ECO Member Societies, Patient Advisory Committee members, Focused Topic Network participants be contacted for opinion and/or information
  • The invitation be referred to the ECO Executive Committee for discussion and decision
  • ECO should join the consortium

In conducting the above, the President and EU funding liaison closely consider:

  • The degree to which any funding programme aligns and supports the mission and advocacy goals of the European Cancer Organisation
  • Linkage with one or more of the ECO Focused Topic Networks
  • Existing work already in place from the ECO Member Societies, Patient Advisory Committee members and/or Focused Topic Networks, and the extent to which participation in the proposed consortium may support this
  • Profile of the project within Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan and/or EU Cancer Mission
  • Funding available
  • The competencies and resources available within the organisation to respond
  • The estimated likelihood of success

Decision-making should show mindfulness of ECO Member Society and partners' areas of core interest, aiming to avoid scenarios in which unnecessary competition of bidding takes place. Rather, opportunities for mutual support should be identified where possible.